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ART 4201: Project Conceptualization

ART 4201: 4 IDEAS


When looking at soap, I found that watch the bubbles on the inside peaked my interest. The bubble seemed to flow upward as a slow rate due to the low viscosity of the soap. This project will be a spinning drum that has a speed control that will be user controlled.


Using one motor and a speed controlled potentiometer, Spin Control will allow the user to control the rate of the two hanging metal balls. The idea is that the user is essentially overclocking the machine potentially to the point of destruction. 


Using a motor and a bowl with a simple metal marble on the inside. The user will have the ability to spin the bowl in any direction and control the marble as well. The idea is to simply allow the user full control over the speed and direction of the machine.


Allowing users to create their own animation by the use of hand drawn index cards. The user will draw and animation in the style of flip-books and then have to ability to control the speed of the animation once they have loaded the images into the machine by the use of a potentiometer. 

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